Net bag Võrk


VÕRK is a multifunctional bag to take with you to shop, farmers market, travel, beach etc. A small and light mesh bag that does not take up space, but holds everything you need thanks to its voluminous content and strong handles. The meshes are designed so that even the smallest accessories do not fall out, while the content is moderately visible. The net bag is a good plastic-free alternative for everyday shopping, in the gym or in nature, as well as a stylish storage bag for household and travel items.

• Reusable, plastic free
• Economical and durable
• GOTS standard (verified ecological and social criteria for organic textile production)

Materials: 100% organic cotton, non-toxic dyes
Dimensions: 43 cm x 40 cm. Length of handles 35 cm. Weight: 100g. Permitted load capacity: 15 kg

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