Tumbler strap 70 mm


Want your hands free, but still keep a drinking bottle near? A comfortable adjustable strap for carrying a water bottle, designed by the minimalist Japanese brand Kinto, comes to the rescue. Choose the right size for your bottle from three different options.

Size: d70 x H90 mm (holder) / adjustable 65-1300 mm (belt).
Available in black and beige, sizes 70 mm, 75 mm and 80 mm.

Material: polyester, copper (Ni coating). Clean by hand with cold or warm water, allow to dry completely and avoid bleach and fabric softener to preserve color.



Additional information about use: keep out of the reach of children. Do not place the product near an open flame. Do not exercise, play, or wear the strap around your neck, as this may cause suffocation or injury. Continuous abrasion when wet can cause discoloration of the product on exposed materials.

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