Plate Ora 20,5 cm – speckled white



The Japanese sense of sophistication and imperfect perfection is fully reflected in this Oriental inspired Ora collection. Ora is made of durable porcelain and is characterized by a speckled pattern that was incorporated into the glaze. In addition, the soft pattern on the outside of the items is reminiscent of the ridges of a shell. The warm off-white color completes the picture.

Size: d20,5 cm. Material: hand-painted New Bone China.
Dishwasher and microwave safe. Gray cutlery marks may appear on the glaze during use. Read about care instructions below.

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Care Instructions

It is important to bear in mind that after use gray cutlery marks can appear on this tableware collection. Fortunately, these gray marks do not appear in the item or the glaze itself, but on the glaze. We’re thus talking about stripes, not scratches. This implicates that it is possible to remove them.

How can you prevent gray cutlery marks?

The marks left behind on your dinnerware are often a light, silvery gray, but they may also be more like black. These marks may appear on your tableware any time metal rubs against the surface. The simple act of cutting your food or even rubbing the plate with a spoon or fork leaves a metal deposit on the plate. In addition, it is recommended not to put items from this collection in the dishwasher at the same time as metal objects such as pans or cutlery. This way, so-called “metal marking” is limited.

How do you remove grey flatware marks?

The marks can be removed by means of a mild ceramic hob cleaner. Another option is the use of a Wonder Sponge.