Special Beer Glasses set 4 pcs

Lyngby Glas

Lyngby Glas

Something exciting for the beer enthusiast –glasses created especially for different beer styles. The exciting forms of beer glasses have a sculptural effect and are also suitable for serving lemonades and cocktails. The set includes:

• The wheat beer glass, 630 ml, is tall and slender with a soft curve towards the top, which allows the foam to stand just above the glass edge. For all types of wheat beers and weissbier.

• The lager glass, 570 ml, with its wide bottom and the narrowed mouth, unites the open and closed beer glass in one and enhances the aromas of the beer perfectly.

• The ale and stout glass, 520 ml, with the tulip shape and the rim that slopes slightly outwards, traps the flavours and aroma of the beer and allows it to retain a foamy head. Suitable for more bitter beers.

• The pilsner glass, 540 ml, is tall and slender with a mouth that opens out like a trumpet, creating space for the thick, foamy head. The height of the glass sends the beer far back in the mouth where the bitterness of the hops is best tasted.

Materials: clear crystal glass.
Sizes: 1 x 630ml, 1 x 570 ml, 1 x 520 ml, 1 x 540 ml.

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