Laualamp Isaberg 30cm – Mocca

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Let our brown table lamp Isberg illuminate your home with its warm and cozy glow. This clock-shaped table lamp in a beautiful earthy brown color is the perfect complement to your modern home decor. Made of high-quality brown steel, the lamp radiates a timeless and modern elegance that will contribute to a relaxing atmosphere.

However, the Isberg table lamp offers more than just a lighting solution – it creates an ambiance. With its narrow illumination, it spreads a soft and inviting light that creates an intimate and harmonious atmosphere. Whether you want to create a relaxing reading corner by the side of the sofa or add a romantic touch to your bedroom, Isberg will deliver the perfect light for every occasion.

The lamp’s compact size also makes it easy to place on your bedside table, desk, or shelf – it seamlessly blends into any room. Decorate stylishly with attention to detail – Isberg is a success in every modern home! Dimensions: 13x52x52cm.

W: 52cm, H: 52cm